Thank You

Dear WOTH Viewers,

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates the public airwaves, held an auction to reallocate TV airwaves for wireless internet services. As a result, WOTH will cease broadcasting on January 23, 2018 after serving the community for 24 years. Other local TV stations in our area will be moving to new frequencies to make room for wireless internet services.

“This was a difficult decision for us, as we have been proud to be an integral part of this community, delivering entertainment and programming viewers have relied on for 24 years,” said Elliott Block, owner of WOTH. “We sincerely thank our viewers for bringing us into their homes and allowing us to serve them.”

WKRP channel 25 is trying to make room for the networks currently on WOTH channel 20. Unfortunately, not all will make the transition as space is very limited. We can confirm Newsmax won’t make the transition to WKRP channel 25. The network informed us they are ceasing agreements with their broadcast affiliates.

Thanks to all of our viewers who have watched us over the years. Thanks to all of our networks who have been partners with us along the way.

Please visit WOTH on Facebook and WKRP on Facebook for the latest information.