Here are the basic facts about WOTH.

WOTH is located on Channel 20 and consists of eight channels:

  • 20.1 Movies!
  • 20.2 Decades
  • 20.3 Buzzr
  • 20.4 Heroes & Icons
  • 20.5 AMG TV
  • 20.6 Action
  • 20.7 HSN
  • 20.8 EVINE

WOTH is a Cincinnati station broadcasting from downtown Cincinnati on WCPO’s tower.

WOTH is free to everyone. Our signal is free to pick up by viewers, cable system and alternative delivery systems.

WOTH recommends using an outdoor antenna for optimal reception of all digital channels in our market.

If you choose to use an outdoor antenna and still have problems receiving us clearly, here are a few suggestions.
1. Make sure your antenna is hooked to the UHF terminals on the back of your television.
2. Aim your antenna towards downtown Cincinnati. Our broadcast antenna is located in Walnut Hills at I-71 and McMillan Avenue. Go to www.antennaweb.org for more details.
3. Upgrade your outdoor antenna. Antennas degrade over the years and it may need repairs.